Miner is a highly efficient piece of mining equipment specially designed for cryptocurrency mining. Our datacenters house hundreds of miners.

Miners are connected to pools. There are many pools so BlackBtc allows you to connect to ones you choose. This allows you to find the most profitable combinantion.

Next, all mined cryptocurrency is distributed among all customers of BlackBtc depending on their share of hashrate in the whole system.


We launched our MAHDI token (MHI)

How to use Uniswap Go to the Uniswap exchange. Connect your wallet. ... Select the token you want to exchange Select the token you want to receive Click on "Exchange" Preview the transaction in a pop-up window Confirm the transaction request in your wallet
to buy our token, you need to go to the exchange website app.uniswap.org/#/swap

The exchange takes place in the direction of Dai / MHI
Open the exchange site of the exchange, select (Dai) and our token Mahdi (MHI)
If the exchange does not see it by name, add it by contract 

Number contract     0x3b3D667F6510faA6B08F2eAC26c46295ba0f3961 
We limited the sale on exchanges and a limited number of tokens are sold there after a large listing, the price of the token will increase, which will bring more profit to investors


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